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Refrigeration company in Peterborough

The use of refrigeration in today’s commercial markets is, in many cases, absolutely vital to the success of the business. Without it, produce couldn’t be stored for extended periods of time, certain types of produce couldn’t be sold at all, and of course, as a result, the business in question wouldn’t survive. Similarly, only top quality commercial and industrial refrigeration units are able to deliver the reliability and efficiency required to compete in today’s cut throat climate, and here at UK Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd, we’re proud to bring you a service that ticks all those boxes.

Reliable refrigeration for your business

Specialising in all types of produce cooling, from high humidity to vacuum, and all the alternatives in between, we at UK Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd have developed our expertise to cover all aspects of the service. We can talk you through the right refrigeration equipment for your circumstances, carry out a thorough and reliable installation and even provide expert maintenance and repair.
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Air conditioning repair and maintenance
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Your free quote and a comprehensive refrigeration service

In the event something goes wrong, you want to know there’s someone on hand to help, and that’s why we provide a full 365 day, 24 hour breakdown service, ensuring an engineer is available to talk you through the correct procedures at a moment’s notice.

Similarly, we also offer a free, no obligation quote, recommending the right equipment for your requirements after discussing your precise, individual needs. With a dedication to unrivalled service, the best in quality and comprehensive aftercare, give us at UK Refrigeration and Air Conditioning a call today on 01733 240369.

UK Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd is a professional and established refrigeration company in Peterborough. We supply and install commercial and industrial refrigeration units throughout the UK.

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